Friday, June 7, 2013

26 reasons why I hate living in the United States of America!

1. Our economy is shit but the 1% doesn't care.

2. Money makes our government go round.

3. The mainstream media only cares about ratings not real news.

4. Our social standards are warped beyond anyone's comprehension.

5. The cost of living is too high for us "poor" people to survive.

6. If you're born poor you die poor- usually this is the case.

7. The American dream everyone talks about died long ago.

8. Capitalism doesn't help anyone but the Monopoly owners... good for them.

9. Celebrities get paid millions but certified nursing assistants and janitors get paid low wages to clean poop.

10. We actually gave 7 billion to banks (I wish we would have let them drown) instead of helping the American people.

11. The middle class is dying- we're extinct and it's only getting worse.

12.  No one is considering Jaque Fresco's Venus Project which would put us in a resource based economy.

13. Not many even know what a resource based economy here is.

14. We have an unemployment, obesity and social stupidity epidemic here but Fox news reports the IRS scandal daily!  Shame on Fox news.

15. There is a battle against political views and religious views that literally doesn't matter- who cares!

16. We have yet to establish affordable green energy and we're usually first in everything... shame on the USA!

17. Education is too expensive for even my dog to attend.

18. Education doesn't matter in the work field any longer anyways.

19. Businesses have gotten rid of on the job training and expect everyone to already be informed and trained in their area of work so they waste little money training you... sorry this is unrealistic.

20. We put more money into our "military" than we do into developing our country.  It's so stupid.

21. We have yet to help educate enough people to stop being racist and homophobic.

22. A mass shooting at an elementary school takes place and we debate over what to do for months after.

23.  We have huge issues here: socially, economically, politically, medically etc. etc. and I have to hear on MSNBC that Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy.  Why is that news worthy?  Why do we follow these celebrities lives?  Who cares... sorry for her troubles but seriously... I care more about our unemployment rate than I do about her personal battles.

24. Government and maintstream media tells us what they want us to believe, instead of what is really going on.

25. Medical care, whether it's a simple check up or it's a surgery... is unaffordable to even those with insurance.  Nothing is coming together here.

26. Most American's will say that if I don't like here than get out!  I would gladly move to another country if they would let Americans in... I can't become a citizen of their country without paying loads of money that I don't have.

We are a culture in decline as Peter Joesph said in his youtube video and I agree with him 100%.  What are we going to do about this crap?  I hate living here... it depresses me further and further everyday.


  1. I totally agree with every word and I am so glad I am not a born mutant (us citizen) soon as my wife (not a us citizen) gets all paperwork ready were are off back to Europe. Were you are free and have a mind of your own no matter what the media tries to ram down your throat

  2. I look online at other countries all the time, wishful thinking. :( I pray daily that the Lord will make a way to get me the heck out of this hell hole that the 1% have created. People are so ignorant they fight and die in the rich people's wars and it's called Patriotism. The jews have a strangle hold on our government and it's pounded into gullible American's that it's God's will for us to back a satanic christ denying country. I hate American and I loathe Israel.